Here at Sherwood School, we work very hard to offer all students the very best educational opportunities possible. Yes, we believe that our wonderful team of teachers, led by our Principal, is the ” best in the business”, including our specialists delivering Sport and Maori/Music porgrammes. In the new year, we will also be enjoying the enormous benefits of our rebuilt campus – likely to be the finest on the North Shore!
All of this does of course require significant funding: year in – year out . We are therefore, extremely fortunate to have the support of our team of loyal business partners who assist us in the funding of the equipment, services and resources that keep the “Sherwood Machine ” running! It is also significant to emphasise that all of these companies offer high quality goods or services, supported by efficient, effective service.
Please support them – the Sherwood community thrives on relationships such as this and indeed, facilitates our ability to continue delivering the very best education to your son or daughter. Click on Current Sponsors to see our list of valued sponsors – all of them, leaders in their fields.
For more information, contact Pauline Foster, email: