We have a compulsory school uniform for school. We encourage our students to wear it with pride and to school every day.

The Sherwood uniform shop is open from 8.30am – 9am Monday – Friday.  We are located in the Before and After School Care building.

On PE days, your child can wear their sports uniform for the whole day. We have a compulsory sports uniform for children who are a member of a Sherwood School Sports Team and we encourage them to wear their sports uniform on PE days.

During winter months we do encourage children to bring in change of clothes from home to change into, if they plan to go onto the muddy fields, to save their school uniform from getting ruined and them sitting in wet/muddy clothes for the rest of the day.

Please see list to the right for uniform prices.

For Information about the uniforms please contact basc@sherwoodprimary.school.nz or fill out the form below.
Uniform Price List 2018