An overview of our school curriculum 

The New Zealand Curriculum is the key guiding document in creating our school curriculum. It is expected that all teachers have a working knowledge of the New Zealand Curriculum, the Literacy Progressions, the Numeracy Project and the National Standard documents.

From the NZC we articulate our Mission (what we stand for) as expressed in the school charter and our learning Principles (what we believe about learning)

In creating our school curriculum, teachers in syndicates consider the above documents and the interests and needs of their children to plan their curriculum overview covering all the learning areas for their year group for the year.

From their curriculum overview, each syndicate completes a unit of inquiry plan for each term as well as other syndicate plans as required.

The unit of inquiry model and planning template are used throughout the school.

Using the above documents, each teacher creates their own ‘classroom curriculum’ by planning according to their individual style and the particular interests, needs and talents of individuals and groups in their class.


Inquiry Overview

Inquiry will be taught through:

  1. Units of Inquiry
  2. Making connections between literacy programmes and resources with the Units of Inquiry.
  3. Linking genre writing, oral and spoken language to the Units Of Inquiry.
  4. Inquiry processes in Mathematics will be supported by the Numeracy Project with emphasis on strategies and knowledge.


Inquiry model as per Kath Murdoch: Inquiry learning involves us…


Tuning In

Finding Out

Sorting Out

Going Further


Taking Action

See: Kath Murdoch “ Classroom Connections”


Good questioning is the basis of inquiry. Sample questions throughout the inquiry process:


Tuning In: What do you know about? Who could help you find out…?

Finding Out: What are your plans now? Where and how could you find out more about…?

Sorting Out: How will you organise/record/present this information? Do you have all the information that you need?

Going Further: How will you do this? What do you need? How is this linked to topic/ understanding /concepts?

Reflection: What was the most interesting/significant thing that you learned? Why?

What helped/hindered your learning? What/how would you do if differently next time? Why? What challenged you the most?

Taking Action: How can you apply this knowledge to your everyday life? What do you want to do as a result of your learning?