At Sherwood School we encourage students to fuel their body and mind with healthy food options. Please do not send lollies or sweets to school as part of snacks or lunches.

Click here for healthy lunch ideas from the heart foundation.

A number of students have severe food allergies and parents also need to know what their children are eating. For these reasons students are not allowed to swap or share food, unless it is a special, organised, school event.

Food scraps such as apples cores,orange peel etc. are collected for recycling in our compost heap.

Other food is taken home by the students so parents can see what hasn’t been eaten.

All plastic/paper rubbish also goes home in the school lunch box.

Bags are mostly stored outside classrooms.  If you include meat/fish or other perishable items in lunchboxes you may like to include a chilly pack in their lunchbox.

Students are encouraged to bring named drink bottles to keep in classroom. These will be filled with water.

Lunchtime drinks can be varied.