Sherwood Primary School is a BYOD school from Year 4, 5 and 6.

For a Bring Your Own Device, Minimum Requirements;

  • Battery life – 5-6 hours

  • Weight – light enough for your child to carry

  • Size – Think about size of school bag too

  • Wireless – must have wireless access to internet

  • Screen size – No smaller than 20 cm (diagonally)

  • Laptops – up-to-date anti virus software

  • No gaming devices – PSPs or mobile phones

Chromebooks are our preferred choice because:

  • Keyboard

  • Not a lot can go wrong

  • Minimal updates

  • Can work offline and still sync with account

  • Size of screens for split screen

  • Apps are limiting but sufficient for our level

  • Multi person log ins

  • Repair costs are low

(NB – Sherwood will also provide a device for those families unable to BYOD. Inclusiveness is key at Sherwood!)