Communication With Staff

Good communication is important. Please share information, questions or seek clarification when issues arise so that we can work together. If you would like to discuss an issue regarding your child, or have questions or concerns about what is happening in your child’s class please contact your child’s teacher, in the first instance.

If you need further assistance, or would like more feedback, please contact the Learning Leader for your child’s year group. If you would like a further meeting please contact one of the Deputy Principals, or the Principal.

Teachers are often multi-tasking, especially before school and straight after school. They may only have time for a quick hello or to receive a quick message. If you want to communicate other messages the best way is through email or written notes. If you want to talk to a teacher about your child’s progress please make an appointment to do so at a mutually convenient time. This will allow the teacher to give you their undivided attention.

Meeting times will not include before school between 8:30 and 8:50, as this is a time when teachers are preparing for class and also supervising students.

Appointments need to be made several days in advance, as teachers have a range of meeting commitments after school, as well.

Our “open-door policy” means you may come and view what is going on in the classroom, but unfortunately the teacher does not have time to talk to you during, or immediately after, any such visit, as he/she is engaged in teaching the class and then preparing for the next lesson.

If you would like to set up meeting the best way to contact teachers is through email. Teachers please see the school contacts list for details or contact the office for contact details of specific teachers.

Please be aware, however that teachers do not always have time to check their email throughout the day. If you have an urgent message please ring or contact the school office. ( or phone 09 4783024)

We would like you to maintain close contact with us by being involved in class and school activities and to meet with class teachers both informally and at parent conferences.

You can also be involved through parent help in class, with sports or through groups such as our SPA who encourage all parents to play an active role in supporting the school.

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