Information for Parents and Caregivers of International Students

Here is general information to help your child settle into daily routines and expectations at Sherwood Primary School.


We email a newsletter every two weeks. Please read it, as it gives general information and details of upcoming events and dates. If you are not receiving this email, please contact the office ( to check we have your correct email address.

Sherwood Primary School also has a Facebook page. Please follow it as it also shares important information.

Classroom questions or concerns

If you have a particular query or concern about your child, please contact the classroom teacher straight away. The best way to do this, initially, is by email. If you would like to have a discussion, please let the teacher know the times you are available and he or she will be happy to arrange a meeting. If you find you still need more information or have some outstanding concerns, please contact the Team Learning Leader.

The Learning Leaders are:

Specialist Teaschers:

If you still require further assistance, or would like further discussion, please contact our deputy principals, or principal:

Please contact staff sooner rather than later so that any questions or issues can be addressed straight away. In addition, there will be a meeting scheduled between the student and International Student Coordinator (Sandy Catchpole) to discuss their stay at our school.

Parent Check-In System

To ensure that our International Student are living with a parent, we have a check-in system each Monday. There is a list kept at the office and you just have to come and sign in.

Change of address/contact details

It is important for the school to have current contact details in case of an emergency so please inform us if there are any changes. Our database will be updated so we can contact parents or caregivers if the need arises.

Mobile phones

If a student needs to have a mobile phone at school, it must be handed in to the class teacher at the start of the day and then retrieved at the end of the day.  It is the student’s responsibility to do this.  Students may not use mobile phones or send personal emails during the day, unless this is supervised by a staff member.

Emergency number in NZ (Ambulance, Fire and Police)


Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

In New Zealand the government runs a “no faults” insurance-type scheme known as ACC to cover

the costs of any accident the international student might have while in New Zealand. This

scheme applies equally to New Zealanders and foreign visitors, such as international

students and their parents/guardians.

If a student sees the doctor with an accident-related matter, it is important to let the

receptionist and doctor know that their concern is accident-related. Students can pay less for

accident-related consultations. Students and their parents/guardians will need to find out from their insurer about co-payments above what the ACC will pay. Students and their parents/guardians who need language support can also call ACC directly. ACC will provide an interpreter. For more information, go to

Other Useful links


Water Safety New Zealand: info-tips/the-water-safety-code/

NZTA information for visiting drivers: drivers/

Drive Safe:

Alcohol laws and penalties:


Sun safety:

Earthquakes and other natural disasters:

To help find a GP (doctor):

Entering and Leaving the School Grounds

Please enter and leave the school grounds through the pedestrian entrances.  Do not walk through carparks, as vehicles come and go through these throughout the day and it is not safe.  Children follow your example.

School Crossing

This is the safe way to cross the road on Sartors Avenue.  Please teach your child to use this crossing whenever possible, modelling this behaviour yourself is helpful.

Drop Off / Pick Up zone

The ‘Drop off/Pick up’ zone outside the school has a time limit of 2 minutes.  This operates between 8:30am and 9:00 am and between 2:30pm and 3:00pm. This is not a waiting zone where you can wait for a child to arrive. If the zone is full, you cannot block the road waiting for a space.  Please go around the block and try again.  On the road, you cannot drop off your child where there are yellow lines.

There are some restricted parking areas as well. Please look out for the signs.

The area outside the school is a ‘No U-Turn’ area.

The simplest way to avoid congestion is to drop students, who are independent enough, at the top or bottom of the hill to walk up or down to school.


If your child is riding a scooter to school please make sure they are wearing a safety helmet that fits well.

Scooters should be left on the scooter stands and we recommend students bring a thin chain and lock.

Child Safety

In New Zealand, Children under the age of 14 should not be left in the home alone at any time.


School Opening Hours

  • Before School – grounds open 8:30am

The school grounds officially open at 8:30am.  A student can arrive before 8:30am if an adult caregiver is supervising them (e.g. someone 14 years or older).

Students who arrive slightly before 8:30am must wait in the central hallway until the road patrollers go out at 8:30am.

Students who need to arrive before 8:15am should make inquiries about being formally supervised as part of the Before and After School Care (BASC) programme. There is a charge for this.

  • School starts promptly at 8:50am

Students need to be ready to go into class at this time.  The roll is taken immediately, school notices are given and programs start.  It is very important that students do not miss this time.

  • School Finishing Time 3:00pm

The school day finishes at 3:00pm.  Students are expected to go home straight away unless they are being cared for at BASC, or an adult caregiver is present to supervise them.


Students who arrive at school after 8:50am are late.  A sign of this is if the school road patrollers have returned to the school grounds.  Students must sign in at the school office and take a ‘Late Pass’, before going to class so the electronic roll can be updated by the school secretary.   If students are often late parents will be contacted.


Please notify the school office if your child is going to be absent from school.  You can do this by:

  • Ringing 478 3024 and leave a message with the name of the student, the reason for absence and their class teacher’s name.
  • Or email using the form on the school website.

If you know for certain that your child will be way for a number of days please let us know the dates they will be absent from and to, otherwise you need to let us know each day your child is absent.  This is so that we know, for sure, your child is at home and safe.

Leaving school for appointments

All students must be signed out at the school office if they leave to go to an appointment such as the dentist, during school hours.  If they return before the end of the day they must be signed back in.

Visiting during school time

If you are visiting the school for any reason you must sign in at the school office before going to any classroom.

  • We do not have outside rubbish bins at school. Please do not drop rubbish in the school grounds, lunch wrappers must go back home for disposal.
  • For Health and Safety reasons, spitting on the school grounds is not allowed.
  • If you wish to take pictures of your child at school, or make videos, please ask staff first and then focus on your own children. You may not photograph or video other students without permission.

Daily timetable – Instruction times and breaks

8:30am                              School grounds open

8:50am – 10:00am            School starts – Learning   Block One

10:00am – 10:20am          Morning Tea Break (students encouraged to have a snack/play)

10:20am – 11:20am          Learning Block Two

11:20am – 11:30am          Short Break  (drink/toilet break and a quick play)

11:30am – 12:30pm          Learning Block Three

12:30pm – 1:25pm             Lunchtime  (children are encouraged to play first and then eat lunch at the ‘sit down  time’ from 1:10 pm – 1:25 pm)

1:25 pm – 3:00 pm            Learning Block Four

Weekly timetable

Your class teacher will give you a copy of the weekly timetable, or you can download it from the team website section on the school website.


Specialist Subjects:

Specialist teachers:

  • P.E. (Physical Education) – Andrew Smart,
  • Music – Dennie Davidson

Each student attends one lesson in each subject every week.  Your class teacher will let you know which day this is.

P.E.: Students from year 2 upwards are encouraged to bring a change of comfortable clothes for Physical Education lessons.  This can be any suitable clothing and any colour.

If you would like to know what sports the school offers look on the sports section of the website.  Also, please read the school newsletter for opportunities to learn new skills or to join teams.  We always need coaches and managers, so if you are keen, please contact Andrew – training can be provided.

Music: Apart from weekly Music lessons, we have a school choir and Dennie also runs a Kapahaka group.  All students are welcome.


The students go with their class, for a library session, once a week. It is a great idea to read regularly with your child.  The class teacher will let you know which day is your child’s class library day.



Students are not allowed to share food, in general. This is because we have a number of students with allergies and so that you know what your child is eating. All uneaten food and wrapping goes home in their lunchbox so you can see how much they have eaten. We would encourage healthier lunches and  that no lollies are brought to school.

On occasions we will have ‘shared lunches’ – you will get notification about these from the class teacher.

Other options:

Ezlunch – This is an outside company who deliver to the school.  If you wish to set up an account/and/or view their menu, please visit  If you wish to place an order by text – 022 EZLUNCH (022 395 8624).

Any special ‘Treat Days’ e.g. pizza or fish and chip days will be advertised in our school newsletter.

Water bottles

We encourage the children to bring a water bottle to school.  These need to be named. They will be kept in class and filled up for use inside the classroom.

Medications at school

All medications are kept locked away in the school sick bay and are only given under the supervision of a staff member. If a child needs medication administered during the day there is a form to complete at the office. All medication will be given according to the prescription label and a record will be kept. No medication is kept in the classrooms or in school bags. Inhalers are individually named and are locked in the sick bay.  If a child needs to use their inhaler they must make a request to a staff member.

If an epipen is needed, they must be kept up to date and an action plan provided.


Uniforms are compulsory for all students. International students studying for one term or longer are gifted a basic set of school uniform on enrolment. Extra uniform items may be ordered online.


Basic stationery requirements for tuition at Sherwood School are gifted to International students on enrolment. Additional items are provided by the parents.

School Activity Fees

School activity fees are included in the International Student Fees, except for Year 5 / 6 camp.

Extra After School Activities

There are after school activities available at a cost. These will vary depending on time of year and space available. For more information you can look under ‘Sherwood Sports’ on our school website. In addition, Before and After School (BASC) will send information about classes / sports offered at the beginning of the year or at the end of each term for the following term.

School Map 

International Student Handbook (English version)