Sherwood Primary School uses Argyle Schoolwear for all our School uniform requirements.

Uniform regulations:

  • Shoes
    • sports trainers/sneakers recommended (no wheels and no flashing lights)
    • leather shoes acceptable – plain black/brown/navy blue. We recommend sporting types – easy to run in: black, brown, grey or navy blue (no high heels). 
    • students should be able to put their shoes on independently – velcro fasteners are a good option if students cannot tie shoelaces.
  • Girl’s tights/Thermal underwear
    • should be either black, grey or navy.
  • Coats
    • any type of coat can be worn, but not inside the classroom. It is useful to have a lightweight waterproof coat for class trips.
  • Physical Education Uniform (Sports Top)
    • Students can wear their Sports Top (optional to purchase) on the day of the week they have their Phys. Ed. lesson. During the hotter months, students can wear their Sports Top any day of the week if it is more comfortable to wear.

Our uniform policy is available on the School Docs website. Use the following user name and password to access our school documents: 

  • Username: sherwood
  • Password: sherwoodprimary

Then search ‘uniform’

To order our school uniforms, please click on this link and buy online.