Before School – grounds open 8:30am. 

The school grounds officially open at 8:30am. A student can arrive before 8:30am if an adult caregiver is supervising them (e.g. someone 14 years or older). Students who arrive slightly before 8:30am must wait in the foyer by the school reception/office until the 8:30am bell. Students who need to arrive before 8:15am should be formally supervised as part of the Before and After School Care (BASC) programme. Phone 09 476 2594 to enquire about spaces. There is a charge for this service.

School starts promptly at 8:50am. 

Students need to be ready to go into class at this time. The roll is taken immediately, school notices are given and programmes start. It is very important that students do not miss this time. If students arrive late they must report to the school office first.

8:50 am Learning Block One

10:00am First Morning Tea Break (20 minutes – students encouraged to have a snack)

10:20am Learning Block Two

11:20am Second Morning Toilet Break (10 minutes)

11:30am Learning Block Three

12:30pm Lunchtime Playtime (40 minutes)

1:10pm Lunchtime Eating (20 minutes – all students sit down to eat)

1:25 pm Learning Block Four

School Finishing Time 3:00pm. 

The school day finishes at 3:00pm. Students are expected to go home straight away unless they are being cared for at BASC, or an adult caregiver is present to supervise them. The Senior playground is reserved for students at BASC after school, as this group numbers approximately 100. The other two junior playgrounds are available for students to use at this time.

Leaving school for appointments 

All students must be signed out at the school office if they leave during school hours to go to an appointment such as the dentist.  If they return before the end of the day, they must be signed back in.

Visiting in school time

If you are visiting the school for any reason you must sign in at the school office before going to any classroom.

  • We do not have outside rubbish bins at school.  Please do not drop rubbish in the school grounds, lunch wrappers must go back home for disposal. 
  • Only use toilets in the administration block. Spitting on the school grounds is not allowed. 
  • If you wish to take pictures of your child at school, or make videos, please ask staff first and then focus on your own children.  You may not photograph or video other students without permission.