In the event of an Alert Level 3 or 4 lockdown, Sherwood School families can expect the following:

Slideshows – Slideshow activities will be posted on the school website distance learning page. We aim to create activities that require minimal parental support and are sufficient to last for a five day lockdown period.

Seesaw – Each morning, classroom teachers will send a message to their class about the day ahead. Children are encouraged to share their learning at home by posting photos of non-online learning they have done. Teachers will regularly check and respond to Seesaw messages.

Zoom meetings – Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, teachers will schedule Zoom meetings to connect with their students. These meetings are just as much about your child’s wellbeing as their learning.

School devices – Families who require a school device will be able to pick these up (under Alert Level 3) from school (Year 0-3 – i-Pads, Y4-6 – Chromebooks). Further information will be provided via a Seesaw announcement.

Hard Copy Resources – Families that require further learning activities at home will be able to pick up (under Alert Level 3) year level hard copy resources for their child from the hall foyer.

Additional needs – Teachers will refer families who require additional resources or support to our Special Needs Coordinator, Maria Bound-Gussey (Assistant Principal).

Storytime videos – A number of our staff are making their own ‘Storytime Videos’ by recording themselves reading their favourite children’s books. These will be made accessible for families at home to enjoy.

Please note that online learning logins magnetic cards were sent home at the end of Term 2, 2021 for easy reference and to ensure your child can easily access online programmes included in their slideshow activities. Please contact your child’s teacher if you are unable to locate this card.