Sherwood School is a BYOD school for Year 4, 5 and 6 students.

BYOD Devices – What we recommend

We recommend all BYOD devices are Chromebooks and not full laptops (with operating systems such as Windows or Apple). Chromebooks are easy to format, safer and as a general rule they do not have any issues working on our network. Furthermore, all programmes we utilize are Chromebook friendly. In regards to which particular Chromebook, we do not have any specific brand or model that we recommend. We suggest looking for devices that are sturdy, have a long battery life (preferably 8 hours) and have a minimum 12 month warranty.

It is imperative that all devices used at school are in the English Language.

Ipads or tablet styled devices are not approved for use as a BYOD device.

BYOD Devices – Set up recommendations

If your child already has a Sherwood email address (ending with they should use this as the administrator/primary account on their Chromebook. We strongly recommend that you do not set parental controls on the device as this causes constant access issues at school and often makes the device unusable.

If your child does not have a Sherwood email address yet (such as those starting in Year 4), we can set up the device in the first week of school.

A device will be provided for use at school for children where their families are unable to provide a BYOD.