Sherwood School offers a number of places to foreign fee-paying students. International students are integrated into mainstream classes in order to learn English in a natural way and fully experience our culture. It is also a wonderful opportunity for your child to share his or her culture with other students and to experience the best educational opportunities available. Our teaching style encourages and celebrates the strengths and diversity of all our children.

Please refer to the School Information section of our website for general information about Sherwood School.

General information 

  • Click here for government information about studying in New Zealand.

Safety information

  • The emergency telephone number is 111 for ambulance, fire or the police.
  • Children under the age of 14 should not be left at home alone at any time. 
  • Click here for Water Safety
  • Click here for Driving in New Zealand
  • Click here for Alcohol laws
  • Click here for Sun Safety
  • Click here for Earthquake and other natural disasters
  • Click here for Finding a doctor and health services

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)In New Zealand, the government runs a ‘no faults’ insurance-type scheme known as ACC to cover the costs of any accident the international student might have while in New Zealand. This scheme applies equally to new Zealanders and foreign visitors, such as international students and their parents. If a student sees the doctor with an accident related matter, it is important to let the receptionist and doctor know that their concern is accident related. Students can pay less for accident related consultations. Students and their parents will need to find out from their insurer about co-payments above what the ACC will pay. Students and their parents who need language support can call ACC directly. ACC will provide an interpreter. Click here for more information.

Policies and Procedures

Our International Students policies and procedures are available on the School Docs website. Use the following user name and password to access our school documents: 

  • User name: sherwood
  • Password: sherwoodprimary

Then search ‘international’

To get in touch with us regarding an International Student enrolment, please complete the form below.