Senior Leadership Team

Maria Bound-Gussey (Assistant Principal)

Carolyn Crow (Deputy Principal)

Jeff Johnstone (Principal)

Year 0/1

Magda Huysamen

Karla Anderson

Sheila Brown

Fiona Frost (Team Leader)

Moyra Black (Learning Assistant)

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Year 2

Belinda Hernon (Learning Assistant)

Katie Vasar

Carole Carkeek (Team Leader)

Michaela Carlsen

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Year 3

Lisa Martin

Junindi Hugo (Team Leader)

Janet Taylor (Learning Assistant)

Amber Smith (Maternity Leave)

Laura Bolderson (Not pictured)

Year 4

Alice Campbell (Learning Assistant/Librarian)

Cherie Wallbank 

Delyth Cook 

Nicky Hall (Team Leader)

Talitha Hesling (Learning Assistant)

Tanya Drake (Learning Assistant)

Year 5

Tracey Kohut

Seon Jin Park (Team Leader)

Christina Purdon

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Year 6

Pete Anderson

Ginny Dunning (Team Leader)

Kelly Hildebrand

Dana Kazenbroot (Learning Assistant)

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Specialist team

Andrew Smart (Physical Education)

Dennie Davidson (Music)

Sandy Catchpole (ESOL)

Kelly Hildebrand (Information Technology)

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Part-time teachers

Rebekah Williams

Melanie Stewart

Jess Martin

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ESOL Learning Assistants

Kate Ho (Year 0-2)

Alison Lin (Year 3 & 4)

Ada Rooney (Year 5 & 6)

Administration team

Scott Williams (Property Manager)

Pauline Foster (Finance Officer)

Cheryl Stevenson (Office/Reception, Principals’ PA)

Sue Martin (Office/Reception)

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Stoy Heinrich (Assistant Manager)

Christine Allaker (Manager)